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    Hello there got question currently on 2cc of trt every 2weeks and out of these 5) sarms witch would fit best out experience out there to stack with trt


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    Fit best for what? What are your goals?
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    Currently 14.2% b.f
    @ 175 pounds 37 years of age
    Looking to drop to 10-12 % before bulk or do I start now where I?m At got all 5 of those on the way

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    I do full body 4 days week an cardio 2 to 3 days week weather it?s stair stepper tread mill or prowler sled with weight vest on

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    Would all 5 be do able or jus over kill thanks

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    you can run them all yes, but you really dont need lgd in this stack for your goals...

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    I would be using cardarine for sure if you want to drop body fat. I would stack it with SR-9009. has the best quality so make sure you order from there. You definitely do not want to end up with fake shit.
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    Id save the lgd for a different stack ot doesn't quite fit as Dylan stated, the rest hell yes run that stack rad is amazing and combined with mk2866 is awesome in my experience running them together. GW should be a staple of any sarms cycle for the amazing endurance and cardio benefits and if you use which I suggest only use them you always get top notch quality products, im going to be running and Lgd Rad S4 and GW stack here very shortly

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