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Thread: Stacking Tbol with LGD-4033 and Rad-140 as kick start to cycle

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    He CLEARLY said this was a kickstart... How would one kickstart an oral only cycle when the oral IS the kickstart??

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    True, I was just assuming. My fault, I still have a lot to learn for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboZ View Post
    True, I was just assuming. My fault, I still have a lot to learn for sure!
    Your good bro!

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    It's cool bro. You could've easily misread what I said. But yeah, oral only cycles aren't the way to go and I wouldn't recommend that route to anybody. I'd only use them as a kick start while waiting for the injectibles to build strength and kick in.

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    i could see this giving really nice results. and being a decent alternative to DBOL.

    i have to say this though, honestly DBOL gets a bad rap but it is King no doubt. i know many will disagree with me but i love DBOL and if i wasnt so dang sensitive to estrogen i would run it again. but there is a reason why Dbol is still around to this day. it is old. proven effective. time tested. cheap. and very fast acting. also it is one if not the only steroid specifically created for athletic purposes. most steroids are for medical purpose, like cachexia. or some steroids were made for Bulls (tren) and horses (EQuipoise). dbol is made to make you a beast athlete.
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    some respond really well to dbol and they dont get as much water because they are not as estrogen sensitive etc... far more have heavy water gain then don't... if you are lucky enough to not have to deal with the sides as bad, its definitely great... if you want to avoid a lot of that, then there is an alternative method... its person to person variant...

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