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Thread: Should MK-677 look like this (cloudy) ?

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    Should MK-677 look like this (cloudy) ?

    Hi, i started on some MK-677 from ADV RESEARCH, (they don't sell it anymore because its been banned in Australia) and that stuff was clear and it was blue. When I ran out I ordered some more from 2 different places. One of them looks kind of cloudy and it stinks and tastes like shit. Its like full blown aids, is that normal or is this some fucked batch or something?

    The other one is clear and doesn't smell like shit. I'll post a photo with and without flash.

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    You gotta be careful with the sources you buy from man. Nonetheless, it will taste bad no matter what cause of the alcohol

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    Yeah totally. I chose to go with 2 companies: auslabs and sarms australia. Both of them seem quite popular and have testimonies but whos to say that those havent been fabricated as well?

    All i know is the first batch i had was clear and blue bitter and didnt smell. Im pretty sure it was legit because i felt it and i also experienced the muscle spasms as soon as i started taking it (hopped on some magnesium tablets and that sorted the issue completely).

    Now these other 2 I have bought one is stinky cloudy and tastes bad and the other is more along the lines of the first ive had.

    Did a little big more digging and apprently Mk-677 is actually known for smelling like shit anyway?

    Which begs the question: can it come in these 2 different consistencies?

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    they generally all taste bad if made properly but its hard to say from your pictures.. i personally wouldnt touch it, especially knowing how 677 is the most commonly faked of all due to its higher cost.. thats your call but i personally wouldnt touch it

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    Not familiar with that source, so I personally wouldn't trust it if it were me

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