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Thread: please Help with steroids

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    please Help with steroids

    Hi sir,

    im from India, I have question I will going to run my first cycle of testa Ethanate + deca + boldi + stanazole + anavor..

    could you please let me how's this cycle what can I expect from this cycle..

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    Lol.. What do you mean??

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    You can expect major problems because the cycle is a disaster.....and no 1 has a crystal ball.

    Post your full stats.

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    bro, you cannot be serious... that is way way way way way way way way way way too much on a first cycle... thats crazy man... your first cycle is TEST ONLY!!

    what are your stats?? age/height/weight/body fat?

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    Bro you can't use all of that shit on a first cycle. I'm assuming by your post this is a first cycle. What is your full stats, goals, and experience?

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    Wait you forgot the kick starters of Dbol, adrol and srdrol in there. sheesh!!! SMH 1st cycle?

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    bro, i hope you are seeing all the replies so you can understand just how ridiculous this is

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    I always think these types of questions have t o be trolls. This is why I cant repeatedly stay on this board. Way too much stupidity and the same shit being asked over and over.

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    As soon as I see 'India' I know there is madness

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    Quote Originally Posted by olderbro View Post
    As soon as I see 'India' I know there is madness
    There is a gigantic fitness wave hitting India this past year or two. Everyone over there is gymming it up!

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