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Thread: Stacking Peptides with SARMS cycle

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    Stacking Peptides with SARMS cycle

    Hello everyone,

    I am starting my SARMS cycle which includes of:

    LGD 4033, 10mg/day for 12 wks
    RAD 140, 20mg/day for the first 4 wks then 30mg/day for the last 12 wks
    MK 677, 25mg/day for 16 wks upto 12 months
    MK 2866, 25mg/day for 12 wks
    S-4, 25mg in the morning then another 25mg 6 hours after, from start of wk 5 to end of wk 16

    Clomid, 25mg/day from start of wk 17 to end of wk 20
    GW 501516, 20mg/day from start of wk 17 to end of wk 20

    My question is with all these SARMS would it be fine if I stack them with CJC 1295 DAC and GHRP-2 and should I run the peptides for 16 wks as well?
    Or am I better off just sticking to my SARMS cycle.


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    As long as you got your sarms from a good source like sarmsx I sure you would be fine. The only problem with peptides is obtaining a legit product.

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    you can stack it with them, thats fine but why? peptides are not worth it as it is and finding a reputable source is ridiculously hard right now... where did you get your sarms?

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