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Thread: Is this stack overkill/not worth it?

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    Question Is this stack overkill/not worth it?

    Hi guys

    I currently have my hands on following substances:


    I am already running 25mg of MK-677 with 20mg GW-50156 daily

    Would adding Anavar, Clenbuterol etc to the stack be overkill/not worth it?

    Also looking for information from people with experience on SR9011

    Any advice is welcome!


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    You have to understand the compounds you're running right now are not hormonal. If you add Anavar (without Test) you're just going to screw everything up. The GW is more than plenty for fat loss you don't need the bad side effects of Clenbuterol.

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    You need test since you will be shut down. Clen works well from my experience but it comes with plenty of shitty side effects. GW if you want to avoid sides

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    clen is something i never recommend to anyone at anytime... i'll never understand why anyone would use it considering the long and short term issues it can cause... using anavar without test is not something i would recommend either... you have a great stack plan with the sarms alone and you are only going to fuck it up by taking it too far... more is not always better man, dont live by that idiotic concept

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