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Thread: Stack Advice please!

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    Stack Advice please!


    Have run a few cycles of RAD140, MK677 and Ostarine but I think MK677 is causing me increased anxiety and I want to try another cycle without MK677.

    Any suggestions of a replacement or whether to just leave it out the cycle and stick with RAD and Osta? Will it effect results much if left out?


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    Whats the purpose of the cycle?

    I always run cardarine as my base.

    Could do that or Sr9009.

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    it hard to answer your question without knowing your goals?

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    What are you trying to achieve?

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    Yeah sorry folks, I forgot to mention.

    It would be for a bulking cycle 10-12 weeks.


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    in that case then you would want to add lgd, which you should have been using in the first place when bulking with sarms

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    Lgd is what you want if you're after size

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