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Thread: Clomid & Nolvadex Help!

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    Clomid & Nolvadex Help!


    I watched a few of your videos on youtube and you seem knowledgeable and the videos were very informative. However, I'm not unsure If they apply to my rather unique situation...

    When I was in college in my stupid years I did a few cycles without a PCT which resulted in Gynecomastia in just one of my breasts. (I think this was partly because I was playing baseball, and always using more of my right arm for throwing) Anyways, I'm planning on starting a cycle of Test E 250 in the near future and was wanting to know what kind of SERM you recommend between Clomid & Nolvadex (These are currently the only ones I can get my hands on) or both for during a cycle and post.

    My number one goal ofcourse is to get rid/reduce the Gyno as best as possible. Then make some gains. Hopefully, you know of a way I can achieve both.


    170 lbs

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    Welcome to the board. There's a lot wrong here with your post. You shouldn't be running anything anabolic if you already have gyno. You're very light for your height. If you can't get the proper on cycle and post cycle support then you shouldn't be running anything anabolic.
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    you clearly cannot run your cycle properly so in no way, shape or form would i recommend it nor would i recommend it if you have gyno... i get a lot of people saying they can "only get" this or that and thats fine and well but no way am i going to recommend using steroids when you cannot run them properly and thats NOT proper with all you have access to...

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