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Thread: Sr9009 and extreme headaches.

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    Sr9009 and extreme headaches.

    So basically long story short, first time i used sr9009 was awesome and everything, second time I used in a cycle it’s gave me crazy headaches. Only difference was I switched brands because the first brand I had used when out of business. I love sr9009 but this time around it’s giving me this crazy headaches I’m talking like bad. Any advice or idea why this is happening? Anyone is welcomed.

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    Sounds like this "brand" you got is no good.

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    What source did you use this time?

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    where did you get it?

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    Let us know which one was good and which one did you wrong brother.

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    Doesmt sound like legit sr9009 to me

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    I got it from purerawz i was thinking the same as well I was like wtf this stuff has given me zero benefits, any good sources?

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    Pure Raws.

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    Pure raws and I was about order some more but now thinking about it nvrmind.

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    Who has legit SR9009 any good sources, I should of known better than to buy from them I did hear bad stuff from them and still tried them and gave them a chance I guess there stuff is bunk. Sucks there goes my money.

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