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Thread: Some Very Informative Videos

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    Some Very Informative Videos

    I just found this youtube site , muscle insider. Rand McClaine is a D.O. who practices in California and has some awesome videos packed with info about steriods, SARMS, peptides etc.

    BTW: Dr. Rand is available for private consultation via Skype or office visit.

    Now Dylan has some great info but if you want a different style/viewpoint you may want to watch some of Dr. Rand's videos.

    Just sharing some info not dissing Dylan in any way!!
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    .......... He looks like Hugh Heffner

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    Quote Originally Posted by 44YOGearHead View Post
    .......... He looks like Hugh Heffner
    It is Heffner. Started on GH a few months back.

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    I don't agree with all of his videos, but some of them do have some decent info

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