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Thread: Some information about epistane

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    Some information about epistane

    I'm from uk, I'm watching your most of the videos on the YouTube. I want to know some information regarding of using epistane pro hormone. Please any advise must be appreciated. I'm nearly 30 years old, training nearly 7/8 years but can't put on muscle, my body can't keep it. My body weight 82 kg. I want to do a epistane cycle and it's my first cycle. I want do a 4 weeks cycle like 20/40/20/40. I have cycle support by AI sports Nutrition, for back pump I have taurine, for dry joint fish oil and for PCT I have Clomadex by pure labs. My question is is it enough for me to do my first cycle? and if I got any serious sides, do I have to stop to take in and do my PCT? Or if you can give me a advise when if I have any serious side effect that I can't handle it? What should I do? One more question, how do I notice if my natural testosterone production shutdown and what should I do then? Do I have continue until my cycle finish or I have to stop there? Thank you bro please give me a advise.

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    This is a train wreck waiting to happen, brother. You are going to destroy your body... You don't run oral only cycles and your PCT is garbage.

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    Bro read read read...Then read some more. Take advantage I mean learn how to take advantage of your body naturally...Do what it training etc etc...Base is a term widely used in conjunction with development. Peak your potential then after some time , education, you can ask more intelligent questions and be more ready for a killer cycle. If was me ide take advantage of SARMS and get to a point where iam ready for AAS war! I mean fucking ready to kill it in the gym and make those novice light weight punk's Oreo eating soap opera pussies that just go to the gym and don't know what the fuck theyre doing look like cabbage patch pubes (tren talking)....Well you know what I mean. So good luck man and best wishes.

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    did it ever occur to you that you cannot put on muscle because of your diet? i would NEVER advise such an absurd cycle and then to top it off you have the worst pct ive ever seen... clomadex? i dont even know what to say on that... you NEVER run oral only cycles unless you are prepared to get horribly shut down and not keep any of your gains whatsoever... watch this video so you understand just how far in over your head you are...

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    It sounds to me like you are looking for a shortcut to make up for not knowing how to eat properly. It doesn't work that way bro. You need to know how to eat.

    I suggest checking out this thread

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