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Thread: Thoughts on Bloodwork

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    Thoughts on Bloodwork


    Attached are my bloodwork results after a cycle of Cardarine, Oastarine and RAD140. Finished cycle and PCT about 2 months ago. What are your thoughts on the results?

    Thank you!
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    its too small to read bro... also, where are pre cycle bloods to compare?

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    Hopefully this is better! Unfortunately I don?t have pre bloods. This was my first cycle and have since learned a lot from this forum. I understand there won?t be a comparison. So I guess maybe just thoughts on what you are seeing from
    These results... anything I need to do before starting another cycle?


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    You definitely need a mini pct of novadex and GW501516 4 weeks 40/40/20/20 for the mg doses

    You should start pct after completing the cyle you will be suppressed for a bit and not having those compounds will really make life suck for a while and cortisol levels are going to spike so definitely get on pct asap.

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    Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I already completed that 4 week PCT.

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    Sweet yeah all you need is those 4 weeks off than you can cyle again

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    i mean everything is in range but its really hard to say much without having pre cycle bloods to compare to.

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    Thank you for the feedback!

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    no problem man

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    why are your platelets low?

    have you been sick lately? keep an eye on that. could be an early sign of something more serious

    your hormonal numbers are also weak, what bothers me is your LH and FSH levels barely over 2. no it isn't from the sarms, they were likely weak before you ran them. that is something to watch for over the coming years. how old are you?

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