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    Slin Pills

    Has anyone used Slin Pills from Enhanced Athlete or maybe another brand? They are aimed for cutting but I was thinking I would use them on a bulk since insulin is quite effective at building muscle. If anyone has used there Slin pills please let me know if they made a noticeable difference.

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    Enhanced athlete are a shady bunch I hear. I wouldn’t buy anything from them personally. I don’t know why anyone would call a supplement “skin pills” if it was aimed at cutting because insulin has no role in fat burning whatsoever. I say don’t waste your money.

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    I have used it several times and although I don’t agree with enhanced athlete products being very top shelf. I did notice a difference with the slin pills it did cut fat and provided muscle fullness. There are other products made by other companies that are supost to the same thing and are prob better quality.

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    ive used them from different companies before and personally didnt notice much from them at all... those could be different, i dont know, i havent used them but others i have used didnt do much

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