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Thread: shred transformation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer View Post
    Haha... I use the word shred. Let me use it in a sentence for you.

    “Bro, I heard the ski resort got fresh powder, let’s go shred the half pipe.”
    LMFAOO... thats a good one!

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    I shred my lettuce, sometimes my carrots too.
    Oh and I shred my mail.

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    Lol... I meant in terms of what we do here with bodybuilding and PED's.
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    "Sir, can I have some SHREDDED Parmesan cheese?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    your first cycle is test only, period bro... DEFINITELY DEFINITELY NOT deca on a first cycle... you are going to get in way over your head man...

    BEYOND THAT you have no business using steroids at 6'3" 170lbs... you should be at least 200 before you use any sort of steroid.. thats even low at that height...

    you have to get some more size or you are going to wreck yourself in terms of joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, etc... far too much strain being that undersized... you will grow too fast and with that small of a frame, its a bad idea man... you should be 20-25 lbs bigger and due to that, the amount of growth you have with steroids will be higher and it will crush you internally..

    honestly bro, if you paid me to advise you steroid use i wouldnt do it

    OP; I bet a dollar that if you post your diet we can make some changes that will allow you to gain weight.

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