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Thread: Should SARMs elevate your growth hormone?

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    Should SARMs elevate your growth hormone?

    Have recently started using Venogen Ostarine, was 2 weeks in and decided to get a blood test due to chest compression etc...
    I am not sure to the extent growth hormone is effected by sarms, can someone shed some light?

    Have found a very elevated result --

    Growth hormone sitting at - 34 (Recommend <3.1)

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    no they do not and thats not a good company whatsoever.... i would not trust what you are using to be ostarine

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    I'm not positive you actually have ostarine. Since sarms are so expensive, they are quite often faked with prohormones and similar substances instead. I stick with since I have had great results with them. You can PM me for a discount code if you are interested.

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