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Thread: Shot my first test no ester at 50mg

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    Shot my first test no ester at 50mg

    What should I expect? Let me know fawkers

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    Pain. Lots of pain....


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    No ester what?

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    Test no ester 50mg

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    Yeah, that'll probably hurt.

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    So no preworkout boost nothing more to say?

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    It is good for sure. Usually with TNE you want something added such as dbol, drol, tren, etc for a good pre-workout boost.

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    I didn't get any pain at all from my TNE shots. It has guaiacol, I believe that may act as a minor localized pain number, so maybe that's why.

    As far as preworkout, I've only done it a few times and both times being only 50. I didn't notice anything stellar, was only test, but did seem more focused though. I'm sure it puts you in a nice anabolic state to pump those nutrients during that time.

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    I don't know but I'm definitely interested.

    One of my concerns is my prostate. I know when I go from cruise to blast and I add other compounds it takes a beating. I'm wondering how this would affect me with such sharp increase.

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    Test no ester is not that bad. You might lump up a big but honestly nothing thats gonna make you cry. Test suspension is a different story. Tne is great for pwo in my experience. I like the tne/trne blend phurious brews.
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