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Thread: Second Cycle

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    Second Cycle

    Jeez... the more I learn, the more questions I have and the more opinions/experiences of others I desire. So heres another proposed second cycle!

    Option 2:
    1-16 Test Cyp- 400 to 500 mg/week
    1-16 Equipoise- 600 to 800 mg/week
    1-6 Tbol- 60mg/day
    13-16 Winny (dosage?)
    1-21 Aromasin- 12.5m eod
    14-17 HCG 1000iu/week
    PCT: weeks 18-21

    Aromasin 12.5mg eod

    Questions: Should I try and get HCgen instead of HCG? What are your opinons of throwing the second oral such as winny for the last four weeks of the cycle? Should I stop EQ a week prior to test to make sure the esters clear by the time PCT rolls around? Anyone have any good liver/cycle supports for when I run orals?

    This is the cycle I decided to run as opposed to Test/Deca as my second cycle. I'm open to all opinions and would love to hear about anyone's personal experiences!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY View Post
    Seems a little much for a second cycle bud.. Slioooowwww down. What's wrong with test deca? I would.

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    I was asking. The one I have planned now is simply Test, EQ, 6 weeks of tbol. I've read it's a much "lighter" cycle on the sides and water/fat retention as opposed to deca. I'm an aspiring competitor, so keeping in relatively good condition is a goal of mine.

    Just so it's out there... STATS:
    5'11, ~205lbs, ~9-11% bf currently
    Most recent lifts... incline db 110x8, deadlifts 405x12, and squat 315x17

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    I agree with NY as well. I didn't have any issues with retaining water or fat when I ran my cycle. Hell I ran winny @ 30mg ED for 6 weeks and the results was phenomenal.

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    Test and EQ is a good cycle. Keep it simple and don't overcomplicate it adding more orals to the back end. This is only the second cycle, and you don't need to get ahead of youself here.

    I also don't retain water on Deca really either, but you really can't go wrong with test and EQ. Just keep that in mind for the future

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    Also, don't use a kickstart AND a finisher. Too much toxicity man.

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    Thanks all, I'll go with my first plan then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Sob View Post
    Thanks all, I'll go with my first plan then!
    Sounds good bro

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