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Thread: Shelf life of mk677

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    Post Shelf life of mk677

    Hey guys,

    I know everyone says don't touch Peds until at least 20, so that's what I intend to do. I plan on using mk677 from 20 until I'm 25ish, then I'll try surpressive ones like lgd.however as I'm sure you all know, is shutting down and I want to get in on the great prices so would it be a stretch to buy it now and keep it shelved until I'm 20? Or should I buy them, keep them for a while, and use them when I'm 19 as they are non surpressive.

    Thanks for the advice

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    Just wait... IRC.Bio is not even a source the forum recommends.

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    What sources do you recommend? I'm only considering it because it's got a good rep, and I can get really cheap prices right now

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    You're too young bro. Stop asking for sources.

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    I understand you shouldn't take Peds under 20. I intend on buying them and storing them until I'm atleast 20. It's just really cheap right now so I'm wondering if it will be ok to store them properly for 2 years

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    thread closed...

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