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Thread: Severe leg cramping on my first ever cycle. Please Help!

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    Severe leg cramping on my first ever cycle. Please Help!

    Dear Dylan Gemelli (or anyone else that can help me with advice):

    I just wanted to start by saying thank you for all the information and videos you do on youtube. I am a fan, subscriber, and customer through the SarmsX site, so thank you very much I've learned a lot and still continue to. Now on with my info since I know nobody ever gives enough info lol. (Gonna be lengthy but want to be detailed.)

    I'm an adult male, 33 Yrs old., 5"7 192 Lbs. (172 before starting this cycle 7 weeks ago),body fat has never been measured but if I had to guess probably 15% around and I'm fine with that, been training for 12 years naturally and as of last year I've been researching and reading about steroids through all types of sources (a lot of your topics and videos). Recently I've decided to take the plunge and start my first cycle. My goal is to gain as much size as possible without getting too fat but I don't care about being completely shredded. My cycle is as follows:

    Week 1-12 500 Mg Test E per week (split into two 1cc injections in the glute Tuesday/Saturday mornings)
    Week 1-18 12.5 Mg Exemestane ED (started at 12.5 EOD but noticed swelling in my feet and hands when the test started to kick in so I upped it after reading about it's halflife and the water retention subsided.)
    Week 11-14 HCG 500 Mg per week (split into two injections, sub Q)

    Week 15-18: Clomid 50/50/25/25
    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Exemestane 12.5 ED

    Vitamins an supplements taken everyday: Mens Multi, Fish oil, 1000 Mg Magnesium (just started due to intense cramping), 198 Mg Potassium (just started due to intense cramping), Cycle support supplement (N2guard), Whey shake post workout, and 5g creatine mono.

    Diet: 5 meals a day sometimes 6 lol. Every meal is usually grilled Steak and rice/white potato/sweet potato or grilled chicken with the same sides during the week when i'm working which is 5-6 days a week. When I'm home I basically eat whatever I want in moderation. (whatever wifey cooks for me and the kids, examples being meatloaf, pizza, tacos, or breakfast foods like eggs and bacon, and possibly ice cream and a baked good afterwards lol) I do try and keep my sodium level low but I do put a hint of salt on all my food. I drink 1/2 gal to full gallon of water a day and I drink a lot of milk as well. Occasional soda usually on day off with the kiddos if we go somewhere. Nothing fancy just typical I guess, bodybuilding is not my life just my hobby that I love.

    Training: I train everyday after work with no real set plan. I just go with how I feel and what I want to do that day. Typical workouts are high volume 20-30 sets, followed by 30 minutes on the stairmaster. I do not do full body workouts. I will have a typical bro split pretty much that's random.

    Now on with my question/problem. I'm currently on week 7 of my cycle and I'm just starting to see the results and get the extra strength. I have been hitting PR's on all different kinds of compound movements and have been getting incredible pumps in the gym. My attitude is happy all the time and my libido is through the fuckin roof lol. Two days ago while I was at work my quads began to tighten up for no reason and were completely pumped and hard as a rock while I was walking. The cramps associated with this were sooo bad that I could barely walk. I could not bend my legs at all without extreme pain. I do stretch every day. After about an hour of me grimacing and trying to work through the pain it subsided slightly and I began to try and bend my legs. I was able to but then I began cramping up in a different area of the quad. For the record it's just my quads that are cramping consistently. The whole night this is the pattern that kept happening. It would subside in one place and then start up in a different area of the quad. It sucks. I tried to go to the gym due to the pain being duller by this time and it started right up the minute I lifted a weight. First a dull pain then becoming a spasm then my leg locks up. This is consistently happening for the last two days and its freaking me out. I cant even workout. I tried yesterday and I immediately locked up gradually after my first set of a back workout. My legs were shot for many hours afterwards. I hobbled my way through the drug store and started supplementing magnesium and potassium. My legs started to feel better probably 10 hours later. I woke up this morning and felt great but I could still feel a dull pain in my legs. I went to the gym and the same thing happened. Although I recovered from it in about 4-5 hours. I still feel like I had a crazy leg workout all the time even though I haven't done legs in about 6 days now, the pain is always there slightly. My question to you (or anybody else that can chime in would be awesome!) is: Has this ever happened to you on cycle? Do you have any idea what I can do about it? Does it take awhile for the vitamins to even me out if I have a difficiency? Does testosterone cause cramping in some people? Should I stop my cycle? I went to the doctor before my cycle and the only thing that was off slightly was my thyroid but so minor that meds were not needed otherwise completely healthy. I'm trying not to go to my Doc if not nessecary due to the fact I work at a hospital and know everyone. I don't want to have to explain my cycle to the doctor that knows I'm employed there. There is an improvement today but I can't workout and I get random spasms/ cramping all over my quad without doing anything physical at home or work throughout the day. (I get cramped just sitting down sometimes. only quads though.) I have never had this happen before at all before I became enhanced. Nothing is noticeable as far as bruising or anything on the outside of the leg. But my legs constantly feel hard and pumped all day without doing anything. I'd say my easiest muscles to grow are my glutes and quads if that helps. Please any advice to my beginner ass would be appreciated! Thank You!

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    Try dosing taurine at 5-6g and see if that helps. It does wonders for painful pumps.

    Also make sure you are getting enough potassium in and enough water intake. Not enough of either will result in cramping

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    Yes i have been reading about taurine supplementation and i'm going to buy some. Thank you for the reply. Can testosterone cause vitamin deficiencies? Just never had this problem before. Legs hurt as I type this lol.

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    yup, taurine and more water...try for like 4 liters a day of water at least.

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    Gonna drink more water and get some taurine from the supp store today. Legs still fucked up when i woke up. I cant workout, pretty demoralizing since this is my first cycle. I just have this overwhelming urge to go to the gym but i cant. Thanks for the suggestions, i appreciate it.

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    Ensure you're getting enough potassium and magnesium man. If you're going hard in the gym, those two are crucial to replace and replenish quickly for proper and full recovery.

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    Watch your sodium intake, ensure you are getting enough potassium and lots of water.


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    Thank you for the responses! I bought taurine and began dosing at 5 g today. My leg locked up on me at work again today doing absolutely nothing. Frustrating. Gonna keep on with it and see what happens. How long till the taurine and vitamins begin to work? Still no workouts.....

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    everyone has you covered well here... one thing also with this, make sure you are not completely deficient on carbs because this can contribute to it... potassium is HUGE here and so is plenty of water... taurine will help but dont overdo it on it either..

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    I would like to thank everyone again for the responses. Im new to the forum and really appreciate it. I had my first workout since the cramping today. It went well no cramps until i left then my legs started in again. Not nearly as bad as before but still there periodically. Been drinking 1 1/2 gallons of water a day with 5 grams taurine, 2 grams of mag oxide, 200mg potassium tabs, and a couple bananas a day. Noticed an improvement just not all the way there yet. Just wanna enjoy this first roller coaster ride ya know? 😀 But thanks to everyone and ill keep doing this protocol till it goes away. I figure the body needs time to adapt especially with the added testosterone.

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