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Thread: SERMS when on a SARM?

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    Red face SERMS when on a SARM?


    I was wondering about taking a serm while cycling sarms would be a good idea to prevent testosterone suppression?
    I'm currently during 10 mg LGD4033 and 5 mg RAD and planning to do so for 12 weeks as recommended by Dylan.
    I know that serms usually are used for PCT and not during a sarm. However, Mr. Gemelli is often recommending combining sarms and serms during PCT for a steroid cycle?

    Currently been running the compounds 18 days, and finally start to think that it's "kicking in".
    Is it normal that it takes this long? - I ordered from, if anyone has any experience ordering from them, please, feel free to share.
    I know there's several questions in this mail, just feel free to answer whatever suits your competences.

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    I'm not familiar with sarmsstore, as I get my sarms from You don't need any serms while you run your sarms although using a serm during your sarm PCT is usually recommended. You can run natural test boosters during your sarms cycle to mitigate some suppression however. M1-MK is a great all in one booster that works great for this purpose.

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    completely unnecessary however that is NOT a reputable source.. just last week i had several complaints about side effects from them that sarms should not cause whatsoever

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    18 days isn’t that long really. I’ve never heard of that brand. I wouldn’t use a serm on any cycle. I suggest getting DGA Post CT at DGA nutrition. A serm could make you hold a little water which isn’t ideal.

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