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Thread: Serious new member with questions

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    check out this link for diet and maintenance help

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    There is no test tablets that I know of anymore..I'm talking liquid test. ..we can start u off with an effective sarms bulking stack if u want. Plenty of logs on here where guys made good gains

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gymscreechy View Post
    Cmb5017 I was trying too but my phone won't allow me, I am downloading the app now to try. Thanks for you time, I really appreciate it.. Bodean30 Thanks. How do yo guys figure all this stuff out do I figure this out? Maintenance calories.
    I used to track my calories with a pencil and paper, but I recently started using MyFitnessPal on my phone. It's an awesome app to track all your calories, nutrition, and macros. Highly recommend you check it out and start tracking your food intake. It really exposes flaws in your diet.

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    here is a calorie maintenance calculator... i LOVE your attitude bro but understand, this is a marathon, not a sprint and if you get too far ahead of yourself, your going to fuck yourself up in a major way and this will all be over before you start... you have to take it step by step... dial in your diet, then your training, get consistency and discipline, THEN you consider use but even at that point, you need to be well versed at what your doing.. your far from that now HOWEVER, you will be fine tuned in no time with the right attitude and by learning here bro

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