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Thread: Self administered TRT?

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    Self administered TRT?

    Guys, thank you for all the help in the past with my RAD-140, GW cycles. I am 57 years old and 150 lbs. and tired of getting a daily beat down from 25 year olds on the jiu jitsu mats. I have all of the symptoms of low T with one exception, actual low T. I went to a local office of a national chain and had bloodwork done and sadly (or happily) my 659 disqualifies me from treatment with them. But I want to be stronger, build muscle, and all the other things higher test can do for me. Is there a way to replicate a TRT protocol using products from Domestic Supply? TBH, I want more than I got from my last SARMS cycle. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also, advice on HCG too. I'm super interested to hear what you guys are doing. Thanks in advance.

    edit: the nurse also said my estradiol was 22 so "no conversion" according to her
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    That?s a great Test level so IMO there is no reason to mess around with it. What is your bf%?

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    Thanks buddha. My bullshit bathroom Renpho scale says 14% but I suspect I'm closer to 20.

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    I appreciate your determination to take it to the next level but at this point it sounds like your bf% is too high for a cycle and your Test level is really good, in fact that is my target number when on a TRT dose. Feel free to lay out your current diet for feedback. A clear plan with a long period of caloric deficit is probably the best way forward right now. There are SARMS stacks for cutting at that could enhance fat loss...

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    What's a good bf% to target? To be honest I don't feel I'm carrying much fat. I should probably get a real bf test. I just don't trust the Renpho...

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    Post a pic we can tell you really quick
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    659 at 57 is absurdly high. You would be a fool to start TRT.
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    Out of curiosity what is your height?

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    Woooow those levels at your age is amazing that?s more the double what mine was when I was natural and that?s in my mid to late 20s. Now that I?m 31 When I?m off Test my levels are In the 500s but that?s with my natural Test boosting protocols.

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    To be clear, I could definitely stand to lean out a little and a caloric deficit is a great idea. I rolled for (9) six minute rounds at jiu jitsu tonight and weighed 146.8 afterwards on a 5'5" frame. I'm on weight to compete at light feather! I will post a pic and would be grateful for your feedback. I'm also wondering if the bloodwork is right. I assumed it was correct because they have every incentive to onboard me as a client.

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