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Thread: Seeking information

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    Seeking information

    Hello Dylan, I'm seeking information because I watch a lot of your videos. I know that you are not a doctor and you are not advising me to do anything one way or another etc etc.

    Short story is I just started a cycle of 375mg test e/w and 150mg of tren ace /w. One and a half weeks into cycle I found out my gyno surgery date has been moved forward. I am now 6 weeks out of from surgery. So I intend on dropping my compounds waiting and then running pct.

    The question is I have enough gear for a full 13 week cycle. No refunds with this stuff.

    In theory after I'm done fully healing from surgery. If I wanted to hop back on cycle. Knowing how nolvadex works could I run nolva through the entire cycle and pct to guarantee that my gyno would not return or should I just throw in the towel. I am very gyno sensitive.

    Any wisdom you can impart would be appreciated.

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    you should definitely not hop back on cycle right away like that... you need to use your head and just stop

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    He's not serious is he?????????

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    So you already had the surgery scheduled and you started a cycle anyway?

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    You don't want to run nolva during a tren cycle bro. Horrible idea. It can accelerate your prolactin production. Also you need adequate time off before cycling.

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