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    Second opinion

    Mr. Gemelli,

    I enjoy your videos and appreciate the time that goes into it. A little background, 39 y.o. male in good health, 5'10" around 220 lbs. I have researched a few different sarm cycles and was looking to change up the research a bit. I was recommended a first cycle of:

    "Testosterone E + Primobolan injectables, and you can also add Oxandrolone tabs for the first 4-6 weeks of the cycle. It will be a good choice to gain quality muscles without any water retention and safe.
    You will get good results from Test E 500mg per week + Primobolan 300 mg per week for 10-12 weeks."

    My question is the dosage of anavar for the 4-6 week range. 60mg per day or should it be started off lower as a first cycle? Also, would this cycle wreck my natural test production and force me onto trt? Would it be okay to do the test/primobolan in smaller doses during the week and on opposing days, or all at once?

    I understand you're busy amd look forward to your response.

    Thanks again,

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    Your first cycle should be test only. Generally 50mg of anavar is more than enough. Your injectable dosing should ideally remain consistent

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    Thanks. I did take a blood test and found out my t level was pretty low for my age. At this point I figured I'd go this route. As long as I properly run and pct I don't think I could make matters worse. I'm new to this, do you mean run test and anavar, or are they the same?

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    no, he means that your first cycle should be ONE compound only, and that would be test.. he was merely explaining the dosing of anavar so you could learn about it but your first cycle should be test only

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    Got it, thanks.

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    no problem

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