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Thread: Second cycle

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    Post the reference ranges. Estro at a 7, no way are you having any issues with gyno.

    When your hormones fluctuate, the glands can become irritated or sensitive but that doesnt mean your having actual tissue growth.

    Estro at a 7. Your nearly crashed. How much AI are you running now?

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    I have been bringing it down since pain and sensitivity started. 25 to 30mg ed. Definitely growth on both sides. Pebbles around areolas. Estradiol levels are norm. From 8.0 to 35. Lh 1.7 to 8.6. Mine at 0.1. Fsh 1.5 to 12.4. Mine at <0.2

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    So at a 7 your estro is very low.

    Even a 9 is very low its just in range.

    These things are individual but gyno isnt growing at a 7.

    The only time ive seen someone get gyno growth, with a low estro blood test, was someone running dbol at that time too. Something about the snap shot blood work, doesnt accurately show the estrogen from dbol all the time.

    Did you run dbol or anything?

    With estro so low, gyno makes no sense brother.

    And 25mg aro ed is a fucking ton of aro.

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    Sustanon 250. 250mg a week. Same exact cycle I ran on my first go around. On week 3 I felt my chest was burning. Then just felt my shirt all day. My female started examining my chest and found small bb size bumps around my areola. Following days noticed more defined bumps. Chest and nipples are puffy. Freaked out a bit. Been taking nolvadex at 40mg and no pain just tender now at times

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    I guess I just shot my estrogen levels down that fast before my labs

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    Damn in 3 weeks? Thats fucking fast too. Gyno takes a long ass time usually. Like months to form not weeks.

    Weird man. Idk what to tell you. Maybe the different esters in the sust are fucking up your levels.

    Still gyno that fast, idk I have no more useful insight.

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    I hear you. Thanks for the lookout. I appreciate the time. Idk either.

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