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Thread: SARMSX Blood Panel

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    SARMSX Blood Panel

    I thought I would post up some blood work I had done Jan 1. The reason I had blood work done Jan 1 was too see where I was at before I started a cycle. Now I had been running SarmsX letro which worked very well. Actually too good cause it crushed my estrogen, but totally fucked up my lipid profile. So after I saw these results I decided I needed to jump on Aromasin to negate estro rebound as well as throw in some GW to get my lipids back in check.

    Jan 1 blood test results as follows:

    Estradiol- <5.0 LOW 7.6-42.6 pg/mL 01

    , Total 130 100-199 mg/dL 01
    Triglycerides 51 0-149 mg/dL 01
    HDL Cholesterol 20 LOW >39 mg/dL 01

    VLDL Cholesterol Cal 10 5-40 mg/dL 01
    LDL Cholesterol Calc 100 HIGH 0-99 mg/dL 01
    LDL/HDL Ratio 5.0 HIGH 0.0-3.6 ratio units 01

    Now fast forward 3 weeks later- Jan. 20:

    Estradiol, Sensitive 8.8 pg/mL 8.0 - 35.0 Low- taking about 12.5mg Aromasin EOD (took dose that a.m. before blood draw)Cholesterol, Total 113 mg/dL 100 - 199 01 Dropped 17 points
    Triglycerides 38 mg/dL 0 - 149 01 Dropped 13 points
    HDL Cholesterol 39 Low mg/dL >39 01 Upped 19 points
    VLDL Cholesterol Cal 8 mg/dL 5 - 40 Same
    LDL Cholesterol Calc 66 mg/dL 0 - 99 Dropped 34 points
    T. Chol/HDL Ratio 2.9 ratio units 0.0 - 5.0 Dropped 2 points

    Needless to say, SarmsX sarms and ancillaries are the best on the market.. the proof is in the pudding

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    Nice cholesterol changes. Thanks for sharing!

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    very nice bro thanks for posting this.

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    I knew GW worked, but I didn't realize it worked that quickly.

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    very nice brother! i told you about gw and cholesterol! it works wonders... that's quite an impressive change in that period of time... excellent results... THANK YOU for posting!

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    Very kool post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacfolly View Post
    Wow, that's awesome. GW sounds like a no brainier for any cycle from now on . It lowered your cholesterol and it gives awesome endurance. I've only ran GW 2 times and really liked it , I'm curious what long term effects will have? Everything seems so positive it would seem like that there aren't many.
    Def a no brainer. I mean look at those results in just 3 weeks. That's pretty awesome! A solid indicator that it truly was designed for people with weight challenges. This substance would never be legalized.. It's far too promising and Big Brother would lose a lot of money if it did.

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    That's awesome. Nice improvement on your numbers.

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