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Thread: SarmsForSale Log!

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    SarmsForSale Log!

    So posted in my other thread the TD pictures! Shipping was crazy fast ordered on a Thursday night right before they closed for the day and was in my mailbox by Saturday morning. Packaging was very secure and product looks beautiful!

    I am doing my sarms cycle in 2 phases:

    1) Started today taking 20mg/day Cardarine and 20mg/day SR9009 (split dose before morning workout and then second dose later in the day). Will run just these 2 stand alone until April.

    2) Starting in April I will be adding in Osta (Mk2866), LGD, and RAD140. Doses will be 25mg/day osta, 10mg/day LGD, and 20mg/day RAD140. Will run this for 3 months through end of June/beginning of July.

    3) PCT will be 4-6 week and will run 25mg/day clomid, 20mg/day nolva, and n2generate from

    Then will take a nice long break for about 3 months. I am contemplating picking up some MK677 and running that in PCT and then afterwards to bridge.

    Goal of my cycle is going to be adding lean muscle mass. I am about 6'9" 255 pounds right now. Looking to get stronger as well as cut down on BF (yes I know im looking for a unicorn!)

    Current state. Carrying more BF than id like im guessing around 15-16% maybe a little higher.

    Training I workout 7 days a week no days off! I do splits of Pushing/Legs/Pulling with cardio days in between.

    Let the fun begin!!!

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    Also im 38 years old have been training seriously since 18 so about 20 years of training experience! Yes I realize I have a nasty cow-lick too....

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    awesome, i cant wait to see your results bro!

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    Def excited for this run!!

    More fun facts! I have run sarms for about 4 years off and on. Have had legit stuff (sarmsx, sarms1, esarms) as well as tried the other hot garbage out there when sarms1 and sarmsx were converting to capsules from liquid (sarmsx never came back so stuck with sarms1) such as RUI, PureRaws, which is like now, southern sarms, sarms search, and a few others so have a good grasp on quality.

    I am not on TRT. Although my test levels are not very high (usually im in the 375-400 range) its enough where I always run a PCT and im not taking anything else other than the sarms.

    My diet is pretty strict and boring as fuck. I mean prep so usually its a big pot of quinoa, I buy a ton of organic steam-able veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, peas, brussel sprouts, spinach, etc), and then I grill about 10-15 pounds of boneless/skinless chicken breasts.

    I intermittent fast from about 10pm - 2pm. First meal is at 2pm and is about 60% of my calories for the day. Second meal is around 8pm and is the rest.

    Supplements are N2Guard, N2Generate, BCAAs, and coq10.

    I usually train in the morning and its fasted training. I do have degenerative disc disease which is from years of sports. This means no heavy deadlifts or squats! Sucks but it is what it is.

    Pushing: Flat and Incline Bench, dips, flys, triceps, shoulders

    Legs: quad extensions, hamstring curls, glute/ham bridges, lunges, light weight goblet squats, etc

    Pulling: Weighted pullups and chinups, lat pull down, rows, biceps, etc

    Cardio is usually an hour+ of swimming or stairmill.

    Will add more as I think about it but thats enough about me for now!

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    Thank you for posting this log. We have seen some of your others and see the excellent information you provide. We have high expectations for your cycle!

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    Great topic
    Keep up the good work and I?m watching also.

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    Following along!

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    Thanks guys will do!!

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    damn you are a huge dude. ex basketball? fooball?


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    Quote Originally Posted by stevesmi View Post
    damn you are a huge dude. ex basketball? fooball?


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    Hey Steve yea basketball, football, baseball, crew, and swimming. Hence why my back is a disaster!

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