What's up all!

Finally took me some time to create an account here, and well here I am. I may be new to this forum but I'm not a rookie, been doing several cycles before of both aas, sarms and phs.

What I haven't done though is to mix a steroid with a sarmstack. Have anyone of you done that?

I was thinking of adding Test E @500mg/week together with LGD4033, RAD140 and MK-677.

I might even add an oral aas to this as well, like anavar (for increased strength).

I know some may think, why on earth would you add anavar to a bulk stack?

- Well the answer is simple, anavar works very good on both sides. I've done several bulking cycles with var included, which gave me great results.

Well here is my cycle idea:

Week 1-12: Test E @ 500mg/week
Week 1-12: LGD4033 15mg/ed
Week 1-12: RAD140 30mg/ed
Week 1-12: Aromasin 12,5mg/ed
Week 1-24 MK-677 30mg/ed
Week 7-12: Anavar 60mg/ed/ OR tbol 50mg/ed

Nolva, 40/40/20/20
HCG: [email protected]
GW 20mg/ed
MK-77 30mg/ed

Let me know what you think about this!