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Thread: sarms for strength

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    sarms for strength

    I want to give you plenty of my info so you can make a suggestion without guessing. I am 63 years old and am getting back into Powerlifting after recovering from an accident.I have had a labrum tear repair and vein reflux repair do to a large weight gain. The repair was done after a 90 lb. weight lose. I now weigh 350 and am 5"11". I have about 18 years experience as a lifter but do to the two year lay-off it feels like I am starting over.I have a coach and an excellent gym. I am now taking GW-501516 for two weeks and just up the dosage yesterday to two capsules prior to workout.I am interested in getting stronger.I believe my diet will take care of fat lose and can be modified more protein and/or carbs as needed.What do you suggest?Thank You for your time. Keep up the videos,I watch them all(starting back about a year and a half ago)

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    all you need to do is focus on the task at hand and getting back into things.. cardarine is fine but thats all i would be using right now until you get back into everything consistently for some time now brother.. .its just not wise to be attempting to use a bunch of different things at this stage and not something i recommend

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