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Thread: Sarms or steroids

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    Sarms or steroids

    Hello I am 23 years old and I have been training naturally for 4-5 years and I honestly dont grow anymore so I have decided to jump on either sarms or steroids. What should I use first?

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    what are your stats H/W/age/bf%

    post up your diet and be accurate tell us EXACTLY what you eat and the amounts
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    wouldnt it be smarter to start small and build myself up? So I start with sarms and then 1-2 years later I will jump on steroids?

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    Read my post Bro!

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    This guy again?! Come on we already went through this. Asks for advice but then argues his way trying to change everyone's advice. You're immaturity says you shouldn't be doing anything but leave this board

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    I thought so but I looked at his post count and it was only 2 when he started this thread.
    I'm not sure if it is just me, but in the last 2-3 weeks these guys are coming out of the wood work like bugs!!!!

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    what guy are you even talking about?

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    what the fuck are you guys even talking about???

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBeast123 View Post
    what the fuck are you guys even talking about???
    If you want answers to your questions man why are you not posting up the information I asked of you???
    If you want advice we need this information....plain and simple

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    yes I am on different kinds of diets but I mainly consume between 3000-4000 calroies a day.
    Weight: 84 kg
    Bodyfat: 11%
    Height: 188 cm

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