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Thread: sarms stack with Tbol

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    sarms stack with Tbol

    hey Dylan what would be the pct protocol when stacking sarms with T bol

    10 mg ED 12 weeks

    20mg ED 4 weeks
    30 mg ED 8 weeks

    T bol
    25 mg ED 1 week
    50 mg ED 4 weeks
    T bol being run for the last 5 weeks of the cycle

    for PCT i was thinking of running
    25 mg ED 4 weeks

    supplements included
    milk thistle
    hawthorn barry
    active X multi vitamin
    ultimate male energy (natural test booster)

    what should i add or take away
    thank you for your help
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    You need to run Testosterone with any oral, including Tbol.

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    thank you for your reply i appreciate it
    I'm just waiting to see what Dylan has to say

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    You need to run Testosterone with any oral, including Tbol.

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    thanks for the reply im a little confused as why Dylan said you can stack T bol with sarms in this video

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    Because you can stack TBOL with sarms, I have done it and they go very well together.

    However, if you run an oral, you also need to run testosterone. This has come up before as a result of this video....he assumed people knew if you take an oral that you have to run testosterone as well. If you take an oral it is a given that you have to run testosterone as well.

    You can wait for Dylan to reply, but he is going to tell you the same thing. If you run an oral, you need to take testosterone as well..period.

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    k thank you ill go back to the drawing board

    what is the science or reason behind having to run test with an oral why is it a must ?

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    Thanks man lots to lean from this forum

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    I have been on here a year and i still learn new things every week if not daily. The longer i am on here, the more i realize how much i still have to learn.

    Welcome to the forum bro.

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