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Thread: Sarms and serms

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    Sarms and serms


    I want to use tamoxifene citrate with Ostarine for 12 weeks.

    To avoid deletion.

    Is it compatible? Dangerous?



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    You can. What’s the reason for the tamox?

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    On the research there is very little secondary effect (Tomoxifene citrate)

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    Secondary effect on what?? I mean what’s your purpose for using a serm with the Ostarine ?

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    Tamoxifene citrate for the suppression.
    Compare to other serms Enclomiphene citrate is good, no ?
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    Sorry I confused it with tamoxifen.

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    So you have clomid, not tamoxifen? Okay, yeah you could do that. Ostarine doesn’t really suppress much but it would be a little testosterone booster to help.

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    How long between each cycle should I wait?

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    you dont need a serm on a cycle of sarms dude... thats ridiculous and completely unncessary

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    To limit the removal ?

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