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Thread: Sarms S4 Andarine and Gyno

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    Sarms S4 Andarine and Gyno

    Hi Dylan, I've know the internet is full of shit but I'm slightly curious. I read on multiple sites that S4 Andarine can prevent gyno or may have an effect to elimate. The reason why I'm so curious is I have grade 2 gyno from puberty and I've noticed while being on Andarine my gyno has reduced slightly, I'm also on LGD 4033 and MK677. I'm also 21 years of age so I don't think puberty has anything to do with it anymore.

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    no it will not and i have no clue where you ever heard something so ridiculous...

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    I don't see how S4 could help with gyno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P0N View Post
    I don't see how S4 could help with gyno.
    thats because it wont

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