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Thread: Sarms question

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    Sarms question

    Hi Dylan Iím subscribe to your YouTube channel which is very helpful I just wanted to ask I am in Australia and I buy my Sarms from SAMS Australia. I just wanted to know I finish doing rad140 and MK2866 stack which I found I had great results but I do want to still put on just a little bit more muscle mass not a lot just a bit more, so Iím thinking of the LG 4033 for 2months then going on to do a cutting cycle before summer of Sr 9009. Then stopping completely what do you think about this thank you

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    i think you should get yourself legit sarms first and fore most, which you dont have now... have you had any bloodwork done since this cycle?

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    No, I didnít feel any bad side effects or anything Iím 43 years old

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    No I did not have any bloodwork

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    For me I just want a small amount of size and then cut and Iím happy I donít want to do them forever. I just found that the rad and mk2866 gave me some results already so I know that it does work. Esarm donít ship to Australia

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    And I only take the recommended dose no higher
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    Also in bloodwork Iíve had in the past Iíve always had slightly higher Cholesterol

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    you need 4 weeks off in between each sarms cycle

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    Cool once Iím done Iím going to get my bloodwork done hopefully the sr-9009 can help decrease the cholesterol. But like I said Iíve never done anything like roids or anything like that before. Only these sarms.

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