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Thread: sarms information

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    sarms information

    Hi Dylan,

    i am dutch, i am 54 years,
    I want to start with rad140, my body is damaged by stress, by example with a high voice, a bad skin, my brain tells me for years there something not goed,
    Even by sexuality, it is outfit of balance, it feels that i miss testosterone, but doctors tells me that it is all in the right way,
    I was going to the gym,sport a lot but i didnot get muscles

    I am now in a situation, i donot know anymore, i want to start that people take me serious, the start with a good man looking (is it possible that in my younger ages, my testosterone in the period of sexual abuse, not in the right way is created? Doctors are not agree...

    -Which sarms is for me a good start?
    -Are there really no bad
    Loss hair, prostate enlargement, contraction testikels, etc
    -Where can i order the "real"sarms,
    Knowing that it is no fake...?

    Hope for an answer,

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    Your English is hard to decipher ,I know its proberly not your first language but it can make it hard for us to help you . Sarms can defiantly help provided your diet and training are right . If you have naturally low test then at 54 you are proberly a candidate for TRT. Have you spoken to your doctor about this and had levels tested ? I think getting your hormone levels at a good level would be the more important issue here .

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    have you had bloodwork done? you need to get that done first... im having a hard time completely understanding what you are saying...

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