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Thread: SARMS Help.

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    SARMS Help.

    Hello to everyone that reads this and thank you in advance. I'm 17 years old and have never been super strong. I wrestle in high school and strength has always been my weakness. I decided over the summer I would try a sarm. A friend slightly older than me recomended them. I looked a little bit and they seemed safe and it looked like they worked.

    I started them and saw some great results. I didn't really feel any different energy wise. About 2 weeks in I started not getting as strong of erections as normal. I'm still on them and am entering my 4th week. I'm starting to have some doubts and am worried about my erections. The gains have been great. I planned on going for about 6 weeks.

    I guess what I am wondering is should I stop taking them now? Does it matter or am I already fucked? Will my erections Come back after I'm done? Will my erections Come back after a pct? I'm lost and don't know what to do. Thank you for any helpful advice you have.

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    Bro you really need to stop all of this and get blood work done .. and run a pct... I really hope that young guys that want to run gear/sarms will read this ...

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    Well bro, for starters you are too young for even sarms....but what really concerns me is that you probably don't have real sarms. Where are they from? From describing your symptoms I'd bet that you have prohomones which are basically steroids that shut you down, give you libido and erection problems, etc.....which is very concerning at your age. Legit sarms don't cause the issues you describe

    You need to stop what you are doing NOW, before you cause even more harm and run a pct.

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    I got them from a nutrition shop at a college near me.

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    Well bro, nutrition stores can't sell real sarms... so there you go... it could be a pro hormone, which is quite possible seeing your side effects ... I would run the pct that rick gave you

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    I don't have that kind of money right now. When i bought them they showed me something to take after I finished the "sarms". I don't really know what else to do but get what they told me to get.

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    You’re not listening. You need to do what RickRock prescribed. You are getting crap from your “nutrition” shop. If you don’t, you may be fucked for a long time. Take my word for it.

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    Alright I'll get try to get it. What is is gonna do? Make everything go back to normal including hormone levels?

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    That is the intended result.

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    Anything I should know before I take them?

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