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Thread: log Ostarine, GW and RAD

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    I will be logging our new sarms sponsor products. my goal is to update this atleast every 2nd or 3rd day. won't bore you with the typical BS, just know I like weights, yoga, cardio, endurance, and sports.... but will put up pics and give an honest assessment of what i think about them. I've used sarms from several different sources so I know good sarms vs. bad sarms.

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    Can?t wait for a good read! It?s inspirational for me to hear others hard at it. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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    Following, cant wait to hear about it!

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    That's a nice stack Steve. I'll be following along

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    ive been waiting for your log... cant wait to see your results and progress brother! keep the updates coming!

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    This should be a good one

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    Looking forward to your results...

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    Thank you for posting your log. This should be a great one!

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    Just ordered my cardarine and mk-2866 from them as well! I will be following your log good luck.

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    okay guys so a lot of guys have been asking about shipping cause they've been ripped off in the past from sarms companies or what not which is understandable

    without getting too specific so they shipped super fast, like same day lol. i got the package in 2 days and the packaging was air tight and perfect and discreet. I am very impressed with the entire experience. two thumbs up on that so far.

    my next update will be a good one on saturday since i will be on for 2 day or so.

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