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Thread: & Need To Build Muscle Log! GW/YK11/N2Guard/N2Generate

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    And the log continues!

    So cardio is through the roof. Per my previous logs my main source of cardio is my Schwinn Airdyne bike. I usually burn around 1,000 calories in 90 mins give or take off GW. On GW its another level.

    This was from today.

    Less than 64 mins to burn 1,000 calories. Also yes im aware these things ae not highly accurate but remember im over 6'8" tall and just under 240 pounds so a lot of energy exerted.

    The YK11 is doing its job as well. My lifts have been going up (slowly mind you still fighting my biceps tendon) but fatigue is not setting in as quickly and weights that I would struggle to move normally I can handle much easier so overall strength and endurance is on the rise.

    Its painful to post these but these are current progress pics. Note I dont flex for my pics! My lower abdominals and love handles are the killer for me. Im around 18% give or take on bodyfat. Would really like to get down to the 13-14% range where I normally reside but we shall see.

    Diet is on point. I practice intermittent fasting so I stop eating at 9pm and my first meal is around 4pm the next day. I will have a ton of fresh veggies (spaghetti squash, organic peas, steamed carrots, roasted butternut squash, roasted brussel sprouts, sauteed spinach, etc) plus a good serving of protein. Then ill eat again around 7pm (small meal) that is mostly veggies and a little more protein. Then thats it.

    Calories are around 2500. Im going to play with them to see how my body reacts. Yes im low on carbs. Carbs I will add on strength days only and will be around 150-200 grams max from white rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, fresh fruit, etc.

    Im planning on adding in Yohimflame from need to build muscle to help with the abdominal fat as well.

    Happy New Years guys!

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    You doing great. Just coming off an injury and still killing it.
    Diet sounds good. If you figure out how to kill lower belly fat and love handles. let us know. As for my self, that is my nemesis.
    6-8 240 and eating 2500 should start dropping weight. I?m 6? and when I?m 185-190 2500 is my maintenance level.
    Currently I?m pounding 3000 trying to add size. Hard part making that 3000 go to the right place. Unfortunately seem love handles and gut all way get more of their share! Ha ha ha.
    Stay strong. I Always enjoy your logs.

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    you are doing a great job man, you really are... i have watched you make continuous progress and its just so nice to watch.. you will like the yohimflame as well... we are selling it at my gym now as well... keep up the great work!

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    Thanks guys!

    Slyder yea its the bane of my existence. Like if im not super cautious with my food and the ratios (I do better with lower carb and slightly higher fats) I will add weight quickly and in the wrong places.

    Im hoping 2500 is enough to keep burning bodyfat while not loosing too much weight. The rough pat is im usually heavier with lower bodyfat so its a double whammy. I need to try and continue to burn while adding lean muscle which is a fucking unicorn at this point LOL!

    Dylan thats awesome yea ive used Yohimflame before and love it so def gonna start running it with the YK11 and GW! Hoping again to get bodyfat down a few percentage points. Recover through PCT, just in time to either start the Test Cyp/Primo/Tbol combo or another sarms run in the spring.

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    Ok will post another update tomorrow with my back workout from today but wanted to post up everything im using for the cycle. N2Guard and N2Generate all cycle, N2Generate ES and nolva/clomid (not shown) for PCT along with continuing the GW!

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    Cant forget the YohimFlame EX!

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    now thats a damn nice pic!

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    Thanks Dylan!

    Alright time for a good update.

    Yesterday was back day. My workouts are usually pretty high intensity starting with heavier weights and working my way down to light weight/body resistance high rep volume training.

    Workout was:

    10 sets of weighted pullups/chin ups - 5 sets of each with 16 pounds on my weighted vest. Im going to slowly add a pound or so each week or every other week to maintain my rep ranges and not overload my biceps tendon or flare up my rotator cuff again.

    Reps were: Pullups - 10,9,7,7,6; Chins - 10,8,7,6,6

    After finishing those I moved to circuit workout with my 200 pound resistance bands and dumbbells.

    Circuits were 200 pound resistance band close grip lat pullsdowns, 200 pound resistance band close grip rows, 80 pound bent over single arm rows, and then 50 pound biceps curls.

    I did 8 circuits of these exercises. I wont list out al of the rep ranges but essentially I target weights that I can move anywhere from 8-15 reps. Reps will obviously drop as I fatigue.

    Overall my strength and endurance has been fantastic. Hoping it picks up even more over the next few weeks as the YK11 really starts kicking in.

    Diet is also tracking well. I am a huge meal pepper so every sunday and thursday I cook. This past sunday it was:

    10 pounds lean boneless/skinless chicken breasts (organic)
    12 pounds spaghetti squash
    4 cups quiona

    Essentially this will last me 4 days give or take.

    2 meals a day, each will be about 1 pound or so chicken, 1.5 pounds spaghetti squash, and about 1/2 cup quinoa.

    I will mix in some organic peas, suateed spinach, etc with the spaghetti squash as well to give flavor. pretty boring but it gets the job done!

    Will continue to update and add more progress pics as things change but very happy so far!

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    excellent bro... keep it on point all cycle and just rip it up!

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    Looking forward to hearing more about your YK11 results

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