Hello all,

Longwinded, though looking for some advice as per the title. I'm a 35 year old male with a decent training history (few years of barbell training as a teenager for rugby, prop forward) and have trained consistently the past 5 years thanks to a garage gym and appreciating that consistent barbell training is good therapy for 'life'. It's typically powerlifting-style training I do (SBD with assistance/ isolation work bolted on at the end to try address weaknesses). So far, I've cut down from 112kg to 97kg, I'm 5ft 9in with a 36in waist so think my bf is around ~20% (this is a pure hand wavey figure).

My goal is to continue to steady cut to around 88-90kg (arbitrary I know) while retaining as much strength and LBM as feasible, even improve these areas if possible as I'm still quite fat. I'm obviously still carrying some fluff around my lower back/ waist that I want to try and shift. I have never used PEDs before so this would be my first dabble in it. My nutrition and recovery are excellent and as said I train 4-5 days/ week consistently (I do like a lower/ upper/ push/ pull/ legs split). I guess I'm just looking for a little 'assistance' to fully capitalise on my hardwork and discipline. I have browsed this forum and other sources for SARMS info a fair bit though in typical snowflake nature couldn't resist a new personal thread (apologies!)

Thoughts and advice please?