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Thread: Sarms Effectiveness at Low Dosages

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    Cool Sarms Effectiveness at Low Dosages

    How effective are Sarms at low dosages such as the following:
    1-12 LGD 5mg/day
    1-12 MK2866 10mg/day
    1-12 MK677 10mg/day

    13-16 Clomid 50/25/25/25

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    You may get some benefit but really unless you a female why would you run at dosages so low ? I can only think to make the compounds go further (ie last longer ) The sides at even full dosage rates are quite low (provided you have legit stuff)

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    Waste of the compounds to run them at those dosages brother

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    COMPLETE wasted of time and money there... both mk's you have listed are actually lower than females even run them

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