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Thread: Sarms delayed

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    Sarms delayed

    Can they confiscate sarms?? Checked my order tracking and says it's been delayed. This will be the second day it was delayed it was supposed to be here a couple days ago

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    chances are slim to none... ive never once seen that happen on a domestic order... usps ALWAYS has fucking delays... its not something new...

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    I sure it's not a big deal bro. USPS does have delays every now and then

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    Ok cool even if it is seized isn't it completely legal

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    its not going to get seized LOL, dont worry about it and if it did, you have nothing to worry about

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chico25 View Post
    Ok cool even if it is seized isn't it completely legal
    With all the other stuff going on in this country, they got bigger things to worry about than some sarms bottles. Seized no, lost because of some idiot at USPS, possible. Delayed, most likely.

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    Cardarine got here today thanks

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    excellent brother... fucking usps bro... thats why the changed priority from 2 day, and made it 2-3 day because they just fucking suck and yet they keep raising postage prices to pay incompetent fucking workers...

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