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    Sarms Cycle

    Hello Sir. I hope that this message finds you well. First and foremost, i'd like to thank you for all of the wisdom and insight that you share on your you tube channel. I've learned alot. I have made the definitive decision to never use steroids; However I will be 32 on the 21st and I've been wanting something to give me a slight boost and edge in the gym. I don't nearly have the drive, determination, or stamina that I had even 5 or 6 years ago. It's quite frightening to be honest with you. I'm always tired and I struggle to do a portion of what I loved to do passionately to the max in my younger years. I know that I'm quickly reaching the point where my biological makeup is changing for the worse. I truly want to make and maintain healthy gains with the absolute minimal amount of side effects. What exactly would you recommend to me for a sarms and pct cycle. I want something that will definitely cause results, but I don't want anything harsh or hard on my body. Thank you again for everything that you do!!!! I'm a big fan!!!

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    First, if you're feeling that way at only 32 it may be worth seeing an endocrinologist. As far as sarms cycles, really any would be fine. has a variety of pre-built stacks, and you can feel free to PM for a discount code if you're interested.

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    hey bro... you should go get some bloodwork done so you can find what the actual issue is... You need a full horomonal panel... I would absolutely do that first...

    as far as sarms go... it makes it pretty difficult to make a recommendation for you when i have no clue what your goals are...

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