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Thread: sarms bulking stack - expected gains

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    sarms bulking stack - expected gains

    how much size roughly am i expected to put on with this sarms stack
    excellent diet good routine and my training is also at 1255m above sea level (4117ft)
    all sarm's being order from sarm's x

    12 week cycle

    10 mg ED

    20 mg ED first 4 weeks
    30 mg ED last 8 weeks

    25 mg ED

    all natural
    test booster

    25/25/25/25 mg

    20/20/20/20 mg

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    Results are dependant on so many things that it's impossible to give an accurate number on this. Genetics, diet, training, compounds, how you react to those compounds, how my h muscle you carry already in relation to your genetic potential, etc...

    But for the average person it's not uncommon to gain 5-10 lbs of lean mass with tgis stack provided everything is in check

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    thank you

    in your experience have you ever see someone get up to the 15 lbs range with a similar cycle ?

    also i was thinking about Mk 677 but i might be going over seas in a few months i wont be able to bring it with me to complete the minimum 6 month cycle
    why is it that i cant run Mk 677 less than 6 months ?

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    I put on 12pds of solid muscle with that stack (except I added gw, which you should also).

    But... I'm an exception, as I react very strongly to SARMS, but the downside is I also get very heavily suppressed.

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    as for MK, you can get gains in 3 months, but optimal cycle is 6 months.

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