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Thread: Thank you Dylan and a Few Questions

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    Thank you Dylan and a Few Questions

    Hey Dylan!

    Recently discovered the channel and I am really enjoying the content. Thank you for the information you put out and you do it in such a way that it is easy to understand and comprehend. Not condescending either, which is huge. Can't wait to watch more of your videos.

    Now, I don't want to come off as lazy, but I was going to ask you for a recommendation. I was going to start TRT, but I have since decided against it. Just not for me right now. I am 34 and my levels aren't that bad in my opinion.

    My symptoms: lack of energy, tired all the time, low libido, occasional ed, irritability

    Sampling of labs: Total testosterone 586, free test 77.6, estradiol 34, and shbg 42

    Anyway, I think I would like to try SARMS. I think the right SARM could really help me out, but I want to pick the right one. Also, not opposed to maybe starting with something a little more milder and than progressing to something stronger. I would also prefer not to do a PCT if I don't need to. Anyway, long story short, what would you recommend? My main goal is to get stronger and lose weight, which I know is really more dependent on my nutrition. I was thinking GW 50156 may be a good product to start with even though it isn't technically a SARM (learned that from your videos)

    Anyway, any help you can give me will be much appreciated. I am still going to devour as much of your content on YouTube as possible, but just thought I would go straight to the source.

    Thank you again Dylan, you really have helped me and so many others. You rock, man.

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    cardarine is a great way to get started... its not going to necessarily make you stronger but will absolutely help to lose weight and it also would not require a pct... you can start with that and progress onward...

    you can get the best cardarine you can find at

    you can run it 16 weeks at 20 mg per day

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    Your test levels are good for your age. Zero need for TRT. As people have said numerous times on here TRT is a one way street. GW sounds like a good start. Plus it won’t suppress you, which can be a problem with other sarms as I’m finding out.

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    Free test 77... I'm Jealous! Mine hasn't been over 10 the last couple years.

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