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Thread: Which sarms aren’t suppressive?

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    Which sarms aren’t suppressive?

    Including those not technically sarms.

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    Dylan and rick are gonna know best but I know for sure mk677 and cardarine are not suppressive at all. I know some are minimally suppressive as well and LGD is more suppressive compared to others

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    GW,Sr 9009,mk 677-not technically sarms

    Ostarine-Actual sarm that gets supressive only after 4 weeks

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    Is S4 suppressive?

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    yes , it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    Is S4 suppressive?
    Ummm. Definitely

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    mk677, gw501516 and sr9009 are the ONLY ones completely non suppressive... all the others have some, not necessarily a lot but definitely some

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    What would you say are the most suppressive? Or do you know a list of most to least?

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    yk11 and s23 are the worst.. .there is no "list" of least to most but these two are definitely the most, its not even close...

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    yk , s 23 and then LGD , those are the most supressive but LGD isn't even close to the other 2 ...

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