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    Hey man I saw your vid about Sarms and I’m thinking of trying one. I do have questions though.

    1. Is it safe?

    2. Whats the safest way to take Sarms/which one should I take.

    3. Will you keep all your gains after you stop using them, ofcourse still training and eating the same amount while you were on sarms.

    4. Should you still eat like 0.8-1g of protein per lb of bodyweight? (This is one of the reasons why i’m thinking of getting on sarms cause I dont have the money to buy a shit ton of chicken and my mom cooks food for the whole house) so I just pretty much try to eat as much protein as I can but I base everything on calories.

    So yeah hope you can answer 💪

    Ps. Never took any gear in my life.

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    1. yes, if you have legit sarms

    2. how on the planet earth would i know the answer to that when i literally know nothing about you dude... age/height/weight/body fat? fucks sake, you dont even mention your goal so without knowing that, how could anyone make any sort of recommendation

    3. im not a psychic... please dont ask people how much you will keep... no human would know that answer

    4. there is no magic number... if you dont have enough money to buy extra food, how on earth could you pay for sarms?

    how old are you dude?

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    Any drug/compound you put into your body can have inherent risks but provided you have legit sarms , have blood tests and PCT proberly those risks are minimal.

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