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    hello Dylan

    I am 35 years old I was just watching your videos and I have some questions on SARMS. I have been on hormone replacement therapy since 2016 because I had a surgery back in 2016 where they took out the pituitary gland and now I take 160mg testosterone biweekly, 0.3 Omnitrope HGH,137mg Levothyroxine thyroid hormone, 20 mg hydro-cortisone which made gain 40 pounds in a month. I want to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. Now I have been using GW 10mg that I got from narrows Labs for three weeks now and I like it. I just started Mk2866 5mg.(from swiss chem)..My plan is to increase the mK2866 to 10mg after 3 weeks and run it for another three weeks then increase to 15 or 20 mg to the total of 12 weeks.... meanwhile I will stop the GW after seven weeks from the time I start it... I just want your opinion on this

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    the major concern is the quality of sarms you have... or lack there of... ive seen quite a few complaints about thses places and have talked with many people privately that had noting good to say about either place...

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