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    Hello Dylan,

    I have recently just started researching into sarms and have watched all your YouTube videos and read your threads on reddit, very insightful information and was a great help to me in understanding what sarms to take for my goals. I am however 19 years old and was wondering if that would mean I should alter my dosage or even completely hold off on sarms.

    I have been training for a couple years now and have been quite happy with my gains, however I am an Ectomorph and to be honest, I feel that I am ready for that next step in my fitness life. I’m currently 185cm at 78kg with around 12% body fat. If possible could you please send me a safe full bulking cycle and pct for sarms, also taking my age into account. I was thinking of doing the standard 12 week cycle of 10mg of ligandrol and s4 + pct that you have provided on reddit. Let me know your thoughts. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you, happy holidays.

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    At 19 yrs you shouldn’t be taking anything. Not even sarms.

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    [QUOTE=9th Wonder;476679]At 19 yrs you shouldn’t be taking anything. Not even sarms.

    Totally agree. you are too young at the moment for any PEDS. Train, eat, sleep, repeat. At your age your natural test levels should be booming if you cant gain well now then look at your training and /or diet .

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    im sorry but i dont know anyone with even the tiniest amount of brain cells out there that would advise a teenager to use any ped

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