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Thread: Sarm and test relationship

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    Sarm and test relationship

    Hi everyone, Im a bit stuck on this and looking for some heloful info. Its about the relationship between Sarms and natural test.
    As I understand it Sarms dont convert to estrogen but they do attach themselves to the receptors that test would ordinarily take up, as a result this lack of recepters can leave the free test in limbo and it can possibly convert to estrogen, that correct?
    So initially you may get a estrogen spike.
    Is it a bad idea then to run a test booster with say ostarine as you could make more test to be left in limbo to convert?
    Sorry hope this makes sence.

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    no thats not correct.. there is no estrogen build up whatsoever... that is wrong... the test booster is used on help to help mitigate any small amounts of on cycle suppression

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    Legit sarms do not cause a rise in estrogen

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    It’s difficult to completely fill receptors unless you are taking more than 1-2g per week.
    If it binds tightly, sure, it could. There’s a difference though. SARMS selectively choose some androgen receptors, not most like many steroids do, so higher estrogen doesn’t occur.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. The reason I asked was that I've read a few times that gyno is possible especially at the start of a SARM cycle. Ostraine for example wont shut you right down but will take up a lot of the available receptors, so initially until your body adjusts and your HTPA pulls your levels back into line your going to have extra test floating about which if it doesn't find a receptor can convert to estrogen and cause possibly problems, is that not correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozzy View Post
    I didnt say it does Dylan in the passage, altbough yiu arw less lightly suppressed
    In very very very rare instances it has aggravated a bit with estrogen but in those small instances, doses were generally too high as well

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