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Thread: Sarm profit

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    Sarm profit

    Hi, is it possible to exchange sarms? A friend told me that a 20-week cycle is normally running, starting at rad140 and lgd 4033, and after 12 weeks, these two substances are exchanged, for example, for S4 and Ostarine, or yk11.
    I wonder how the body reacts to this, if it does not get overwhelmed by receptors after 12 weeks, and can benefit from this change, what is your opinion about this

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    20 weeks is NOT EVEN CLOSE to normal... 12 weeks is the max you should run your cycle UNLESS you are on mk677, which you stay on continuously a minimum of 6 months OR you are just running gw501516 and/or sr9009 alone without other sarms, then you could extend to 16 weeks... Dont listen to anything your friend says

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